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Vertical Markets:  Hospitality

Making a great first impression is critical. In the Hospitality market, that first impression is paramount to building and retaining a customer base and is crucial in setting your business apart from the competition. Providing a high level of service to your guests is mandatory to your continued success and growth. Conveyant Systems provides your operators the tools to offer those customers the exceptional service they expect.

It all starts with TeleDirectory™, the industry leading PC console application. TeleDirectory™ allows your operators to answer and process main number, guest and departmental calls with a single keystroke. Quick and easy access to detailed information is available right at their fingertips.


TeleDirectory™is a highly flexible directory application that can be tailored to your specific needs. And screen appearances can be defined for each individual operator, allowing them to define the order in which directory fields appear, select their desired font sizes and style, and more.

Integration to your property management system (PMS) is provided through Conveyant's Host Interface application. Host Interface will allow real time updates to your attendant's directory, providing them with the most current and accurate guest information. With the combination of TeleDirectory's telephony integration and Host Interface, guest information can be easily and accurately located and calls can be processed quickly and efficiently. And calls from guests are easily identified, providing the attendant the necessary information to provide that level of service expected by even your most prestigious VIP's.

Conveyant Systems' Auto Greeting Unit, used in conjunction with our TeleDirectory™ Attendant Console application, can ensure that each incoming call is answered in a pleasant and professional manner. The Auto Greeting Unit plays a customized greeting to your callers in the operator's own voice. The pre-recorded greeting is played automatically each time a call is answered. And, if desired, the greeting may be manually interrupted or disabled by the operator at anytime.

TeleDirectory Messaging and Paging options provide your attendants the ability to take and deliver messages and pages via e-mail, fax or alphanumeric pager, as well as being fully integrated into your PMS system. Park-meet-me and overhead paging functions are supported, and quick and efficient on-line access to procedural information is available through the use of TeleDirectory's Second Page feature.

And because TeleDirectory™ is a true 32 bit Windows application, it can be run on any Windows 98, NT, 2000 and XP operating systems and will run in a Windows NT, 2000 or Novell LAN environment. Attendants can run multiple applications on the desktop if required and TeleDirectory provides screen pops on incoming calls for operator convenience.

All new products and features are being added to our Hospitality offerings this year, so be sure to check back often! Contact Conveyant Systems for more information about our company, products and services.