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Accuracy and efficiency are paramount to a successful healthcare call center. Conveyant Systems healthcare solutions offer the tools you need to meet these challenges. Our TeleDirectory™ application software provides you and your attendants quick and easy access to vital information and call processing functions right from the desktop PC. TeleDirectory is a true 32 bit Windows application and can be run in any Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000 operating system and will run in a Windows NT, 2000 or Novell LAN environment. Attendants can run multiple applications on the desktop if required and TeleDirectory provides screen pops on incoming calls for operator convenience.


Efficiency begins with TeleDirectory™. With the click of a mouse or a single keystroke, TeleDirectory™ will allow your attendants to answer and transfer calls, perform quick and accurate directory searches, and access On-Call schedules for Physicians and Administrators. TeleDirectory Messaging and Paging options provide your attendants the ability to deliver messages and pages in multiple ways, perform Park/Hold/Meet paging functions and allows for quick and efficient on-line access to procedural information through the use of TeleDirectory's Second Page feature.

Conveyant's Lookup/Update positions allow supervisors to view detailed operator or system performance reports, recognized as the best attendant statistics package available. In addition, the Lookup/Update positions can be used for directory administration and configuration. Our Auto Greeting feature allows the attendants to pre-record a variety of greetings in their own voice, which are played to each incoming caller. This saves time and permits a fresh voice to greet your callers each and every time.

The latest, most updated patient and staff information is available on the attendant console through TeleDirectory's Host Interface. Host Interface allows integration with numerous hospital information systems, HL7 standards-based, using appropriate interface engines, or non-HL7 interfaces. Systems include Medi Tech, SMS, HBOC and others. Entries in the TeleDirectory database can be color-coded to easily differentiate between patients, physicians and staff, or you may choose to have multiple directories for maintaining your information. Directory information may also be updated manually by the attendants, supervisor or with manual directory imports.

Our TeleDirectory™ Web Server allows any user on the corporate network to access up-to-date enterprise directory information from their desktop PC using standard Internet browsers such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Web Server receives real time updates from the same database that the operators are using for up-to-date information. Information displayed in Web Server can be restricted in a way that insures proprietary information is not displayed to the general population.

Physicians may use TeleDirectory's Registry to check their messages or change their on-call status from a remote PC and have this information immediately available to the attendants. Through the Registry application, staff can choose from a predefined list of status messages or create their own. Registry information can also simply be called into the attendants where status information can be updated manually. Contact Conveyant Systems for more information about our company, products and services.