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When a 9-1-1 call is placed from your facility it’s important that everything possible is done to assist. In some organizations, telephones may be located in a campus environment with multiple buildings over a wide geographic range, or in an off-site location. In many cases, when emergency dispatchers receive a 911 call from a telephone in their network, they are only provided with the main telephone number and billing address for that PBX. The emergency response team may not know the caller’s specific floor, room or building. In addition, on-site personnel may not even be aware that a 911 call was placed–further delaying assistance for the 911 caller. This can result in grave risk for the caller, and the consequences may be life threatening.

Conveyant Systems’ Sentry E9-1-1 Emergency Response Management Solutions (ERM) address these concerns–and more–when there is an emergency. By pinpointing a 911 caller’s location, our products provide location information to your PBX which is passed on to the 911 Public Safety Network. To provide further assistance, on-site personnel may be notified that an emergency call is in progress, allowing for an immediate and accurate first response.We offer a variety of E-911 solutions to meet the needs of your application including data management, infrastructure implementation and compatibility with your local telephone company. Our products operate on a wide range of PBX systems, including VoIP–and are engineered specifically for your telephone system.

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As an Avaya DevConnect Select Product Partner, Conveyant is proud to partner with Avaya to provide a modern, up-to-date solution that will allow organizations to easily deliver accurate, detailed information to the appropriate emergency response agency. Avaya uses Sentry™ in their own Enterprise, shouldn’t you?

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Austin, Texas, August, 2014–In the matter of Public Notice of Workshop and Request for Comments: Accessing 9-1-1 Service via a Multi-Line Telephone System. Comments of Conveyant Systems, Inc.

Conveyant Systems, Inc. respectfully submits the following in response to the Commission’s Request for Comments in the above-referenced proceeding:

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Avaya Networking and IP Office form the foundation for a Safe Campus Infrastructure

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