TeleDirectory Messaging & Paging Services

TeleDirectory Messaging & Paging Services

Providing superior customer service with a personal touch in today’s fast-paced Call Center is a challenging task. From physician’s answering services in a hospital, to a high-volume message and paging center in the corporate environment, proficient call handling with messaging and paging delivery is imperative.

Conveyant’s TeleDirectory Messaging and Attention! Notification System provide an automated and powerful solution to meet customer’s messaging, event and emergency notification and paging needs. Your attendants can provide that personal touch by talking to your customers, accessing critical information and processing calls and notification capability. All messages and page requests are electronically logged, and may be delivered in a variety of methods best suited to the customer needs.


Customizable TeleDirectory Message Pad

TeleDirectory Messaging and Paging Services are integrated with Conveyant’s TeleDirectory Console application software as an optional package. Attendants may take messages and page requests; view, print and send text messages and pages. Messages and page requests may be taken by an attendant with TeleDirectory’s user-customizable Message Pad. The Message Pad has fields for entering names and numbers as well as user-defined check boxes and a free-form text entry area.

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