TeleDirectory Attendant Consoles: TeleDirectory Feature Summary

170_2TeleDirectory Consoles offer users an advanced directory application with up to fifteen customizable information databases with integrated dialing. Attendant call processing efficiency is greatly enhanced with the ability to maintain and update directory information on a real-time basis. TeleDirectory allows users to configure “white-page” or “yellow-page” directories with detail pages of information available for each entry. Multiple directory search capabilities including character-by-character, phonetic, sequential and filter enable the attendant to quickly and accurately locate personnel, departments or other information.

TeleDirectory interfaces include Nortel’s CS 1000, DMS-100, SL-100 and Meridian 1 PBX; Definity PBX, Avaya 8700 and #5ESS Central Office; and most other major Central Offices and PBXs.

The TeleDirectory product family includes:

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