TeleDirectory a la Carte: Host Interface

TeleDirectory a la Carte: Host Interface

170_12TeleDirectory’s Host Interface is a software application which allows information to be received from a variety of outside sources to update TeleDirectory directory information within the file server on a real-time basis. The external source can be a Host Computer, Facilities Management Program, Access Control or other device that can send updated information using asynchronous serial communications or with use of a file located on the file server.

Auto Greeting and Call Recording Modules

“TeleDirectory’s Auto Greeting Module ensures that each incoming call is answered in a pleasant and professional manner. The Auto Greeting Unit plays a customized greeting to your callers in the operator’s own voice. The pre-recorded greeting is played automatically each time a call is answered.

The Call Recording Module records all incoming calls to the TeleDirectory operator consoles. The recorded calls are saved in .wav files and may be played back for review at anytime. During or after a call the operator may attach notes to the call using the TeleDirectory Call Notes feature.”

Enhanced On-Call Schedules

Effective means of notifying physicians, groups, departments, clinics or others is required in the fast-paced and often critical healthcare environment. Conveyant Systems’ Enhanced On-Call Schedules meet these demanding needs. With user-defined, flexible schedules, customers can set up schedules with information specific for each department or specialty including position name, schedule name and shift times. Operators can quickly access a department or specialty’s schedule to locate the on-call physician or group, and can access additional information through the TeleDirectory application. Messages and pages are then sent to the on-call individual (s) and logged in our transaction log reports.

Supervisory Monitoring

Conveyant Systems’ Supervisory Monitoring Position is an easy-to-use management software application that allows a supervisor to effectively monitor activity on TeleDirectory Consoles. It is a valuable tool that provides accurate measurements of the operator’s call handling, and reduces the time required by the supervisor to maintain a high level of professional service.