Enterprise Directory Applications: TeleDirectory Web Server

Access to accurate directory information is an important requirement in today’s corporate environment. Employee information such as telephone number, location, e-mail address, etc. are constantly changing. A published directory with this information is a necessity, but it is often out-of-date as soon as it has been printed. In addition, employees often call the company operator for directory information.

Conveyant Systems’ TeleDirectory Web Server was designed to improve corporate communications by providing users on the corporate network with the ability to access up-to-date enterprise directory information from their desktop PCs. Standard Internet browsers, such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, may be used to access this information. In addition, the Web Server is integrated with Conveyant’s TeleDirectory application, making directory updates quick and easy.


TeleDirectory Web Server Screen

TeleDirectory Registry Services
Keeping track of personnel in today’s fast-paced business environment is difficult. In a multi-building campus such as a healthcare facility or university, this task is even more difficult. In addition, delivering information to staff and personnel in these environments in a timely manner is critical.

Conveyant Systems’ TeleDirectory Registry solves these critical business issues by providing a simple, convenient interface to allow users, such as physicians and staff, to update their status information and process messages. TeleDirectory Registry works in conjunction with Conveyant’s TeleDirectory Screen-Based Operator Consoles to provide a powerful communications tool for businesses.

TeleDirectory Update/Lookup Position
The TeleDirectory Update/Lookup software application allows the user to access the TeleDirectory application from their desktop PC. The Update/Lookup software provides access to all TeleDirectory features with the exception of integrated dialing or call processing. The Update/Lookup software is ideal for a supervisor or administrator that is responsible for TeleDirectory system administration, but is not required to process calls. The software may be configured for either Lookup or Update, and all TeleDirectory system security features apply.

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